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08 January 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Ken Chu reveals he put on weight because of sickness, was alcoholic when his father passed away  

Source: SINA
Translated By: michi of onlyf4

Ken Chu, created discussions with his suave look when he entered showbiz, to his balloon-like bloated appearance. He told the reporter: "Actually I was ill, my father passed away during filming of "Legend of Chu Liu Xiang" and my body condition was not good as a result of alcoholism. I am better now, almost recovered. I could have went to America for a month (for cosmetic/plastic surgery), and would have 6-pecs muscles now. But I don't find it necessary, because I was ill." He even showed his arms to show the reporter, proving he is not fat at all.

More than once, his relationship with media was tense because of questions on his appearance and love-life. In this interview, his attitute was very sincere and made the 1st move to interact with the media. "It is better after leaving previous company, they used a "branded store" way, why does celebrities have to be LV, Armani, and not Gap? Previously, people were not able to see my sincerity but they can now. I feel at that time, media did not quite understand, but actually everyone is working for living, when something happens it is not a one-sided responsibility. Media wants interesting topics, celebrities cooperate, it works this way. The only thing I could do is to work hard, and do my best to go the right way."

Outsiders are curious about his relationship with other F4 members, he explained: "Really can't consider best of friends, when there is no work together we may not meet for half a year, but once we work together we have tacit understanding. Others often say we cannot get along, but that is not true. Each person have their own speciality, no clashes at all. But personally we do not have contact, would not know what others are doing." He did a market segregation with other F3, "I am not as adorable as Vic Chou, can't dance better than Vanness Wu, my money definately is the least among F4, but I use my lifestyle attitude to interact with fans."

His future plans is do charity work, planning on establishing a charity foundation, "I have always wanted to do charity work, before 35 years old I wish to ride throughout China in motorcycle and raise funds, and also to engage in education work, I feel that having good education will help to overcome poverty. Then, also do something for animals. I am now 30 years old, there is still 5 more years to work on it. "
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