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Andrea C.
03 January 2009 @ 05:11 pm

Source: UDN
Translated By: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ken Zhu is about to release his new album, yesterday he headed to a restaurant to promote, but he was repeatedly asked by the media about his weight loss problems. This made him quite angry, but in the end, he replied: “I’ve always been very content with my own state.” However, he revealed that earlier, he did invite Kelly Lin to star in his new MV, but unfortunately, her schedule was unable to co-operate. Regarding the 2’s recent situation, he did not wish to discuss the matter any further.

Yesterday, Ken headed to a restaurant to promote, and because his body looks very muscular, the media repeatedly asked him whether he is trying hard to lose weight before he releases his album. Ken first replied: “No,” expressing that he’s never been too concerned about his own weight, but then reporters asked him whether his management company is requesting for him to lose weight, Ken simply asked the reporters: “I find this very strange, where do you guys hear all these false reports?” He added: “I’ve always been very content with myself.”

Yesterday, Ken showed off some cooking at the restaurant. Everyone was curious whether he has ever cooked for his girlfriend before, and Ken laughed saying: “Don’t you guys know that I’ve always used cooking to hook up with girls?” And as for whether Kelly Lin has tried his cooking before, Ken replied: “Next time you see her, you can go ask her.” He also added: “Currently, I haven’t found someone that I am willing to cook for.”

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Andrea C.
Source: UDN
Date: Dec 29, 2008
Reporter: Lian He Bao

Fanny & Jerry

The superstar on screen is everyone's idol, but as the superstar's agent who is close to him/her, he/she is always the one who knows the superstar's personalities the best. After a long time of interaction, there are a lot of interesting stories.

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu Vs Fanny is like mother and son

Fanny is Yan Cheng Xu's agent and she has worked by his side for 7 years. Yan Cheng Xu, who looks cool on the outside, can't feel secured without Fanny's company. Fanny said jokingly that the interaction style between them in the past was like big sister and little brother, but now it has turned to like mother and son. She studied abroad in New York for one year, and Jerry sponsored her tuition, and he also requests all the agents to finish all the food when eating out.

There was a time, Jerry wanted to invest very badly, and Fanny could only play the bad guy for stopping him. She even said something like "If he dares to invest, I will hit him dead", and he finally dropped the idea.

In Fanny's eyes, Jerry is like a child. Sometimes, he is very naughty, but other times, he is very sweet. She said, "In a lot of matters, he doesn't like to show everything, but he likes to give people surprises. Like last year, I once mentioned to him that I wanted to study abroad for a while. I didn't expect him to bare it in mind. Yan Cheng Xu sponsored her tuition for studying in New York for a year which was close to NT1 million. She said, "There's an assistant's father who underwent a surgery. He just visited him in the hospital after work without mentioning to us at all. He really takes good care of the people around him."

Yan Cheng Xu is very thrifty in private, as he came from a single-parent home that his family's situation was not good when he was young. Therefore, he treasures all the food. When he has meals with his staff, he always requests them to finish all the food. Fanny is a beauty, but due to his request, although she needs to face the risk of getting fat, she has no other ways but following his request. Therefore, whenever Jerry initiates eating out, Fanny's scalp starts to get numb. She joked, "So we are also under a lot of pressure."

Credit: kkla for translation
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Andrea C.

Good News!!! Ken's New Album 'Getting Real' coming
with new songs and all time hits-

Album Release date: January 9, 2009
Order Deadline: January 4, 2009 24:00

Product: An exclusive autographed version comes with:
2 CD pack includes 5 new songs & 16 All time hits + "Love Non Stop" special collection edition,
and "Heard Love" - Theme song of idol drama "City of Sky"

Pre-order period: December 19, 2008 to January 4, 2009
Chinese link: http://www.caramelzou.url.tw/product_info.php?products_id=193&language=tw&Twesid=9c8c6bb829f1421baa2ec2d9ab858b36

English link: http://www.caramelzou.url.tw/product_info.php?products_id=193&language=en


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Andrea C.

Source: sina
Translated By: Sarah @

Earlier, re-knowned director Cai Yue Xin’s idol drama ‘Black And White’ finally wrapped up, and after main leads Vic Zhou (ZaiZai) and Ivy Chen finished their last scene, that was the end for them. Director Cai is known for being slow, but yield fine products. This 20-episode drama has set a new record; the entire filming process took 9 months. This drama was filmed in Kaohsiung, and many scenes have been created from scratch. Other than this, because this drama was initially supposed to have finished filming by August, due to extended time, it has made the total production costs exceed the budget by tens of millions of TW dollars. However, purely basing on Director Cai’s momentum and the fact that his works have always been able to sweep all the major awards, we believe that everyone’s efforts will have been worth it.

Most 'calm' wrap-up

To drive progress, during the days leading up to the wrap-up of filming, director Cai did not sleep for a few days and nights. Ivy Chen who plays the female lead, and a few other actors had already finished filming, after a scene involving shooting, but because they did not receive a notice from the director, they were too scared to bother him, and also too scared to take off their uniform. Hence, they had to just wait on the side, for the director to finish filming other scenes. After the factory workers had all finished packing their things, did everyone realize that they had finished filming, and it was the most ‘calm’ method for Ivy to wrap-up this big police action drama.

Historic 8-month scene

Ivy Chen, who plays the role of Chen Lin, her last scene is one where she runs away with Xiu Jie Kai. This scene was filmed 3 times, but actually lasted 8 months, because this was the first scene they filmed. However, at the time, the road was very slippery, and the car unexpectedly crashed, resulting in 2 actors being hurt. Although the injuries were not very severe, the actors were terrified, and Ivy said that in the future, definitely have to cherish life. This incident also left a big shadow on Ivy, and she did not think that she would have to carry this shadow for 8 whole months. This scene comprises of both running away and shooting gun, and made Ivy very nervous. She, who was already initially scared of using a gun, in order not to delay the progress of shooting, had no choice but to gather up her courage, and ended up shooting more than 100 rounds of ammunition, but finally wrapped up this historic 8-month scene.

Most un-romantic love scene

Male lead ZaiZai and Ivy Chen’s love was fixed on one artificial respiration, but this was not a scene of ‘hero rescuing beauty’ but Ivy doing artificial respiration on ZaiZai to save him. ZaiZai, who plays the role of a ruffian, faints due to rescuing someone else, and female lead Ivy then rushes to him and tries to save him. This scene is initally supposed to be a moving, romantic scene but realistically, because earlier in the morning, the 2 had already filmed a whole day in a muddy environment, both got very dirty. Hence, Ivy had had to use her dirty hand to keep rubbing ZaiZai’s face and nose, and this made both of them very miserable. Plus, as the whole scene has to be performed under a panicky situation, Ivy had to use her whole upper body strength to give ZaiZai chest compressions, and after a while, ZaiZai’s chest turned very red, and he clutched his chest, while yelling he was hurt, but finally finishing his last scene.

The super-production team involved in this drama, together with popular artists Vic Zhou, Ivy Chen, Sonia Sui, Mark Zhao, Kingone Wang, Qin Pei and Janine Zhang etc, has wrapped up, and currently in post-production, and will meet with the audience next year in Spring.

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Andrea C.

Liberty Times
Translated By: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Xiao Hua & Tang Men’s ‘wedding of the century’ was held on the Taipei South 101 dance stage yesterday. Rainie Yang engaged in ambuiguity and requested for Wilber Pan to help her change into a wedding dress on stage. Fans in the audience booed: “We’re going to crash the bridal chamber!”

Rainie yesterday held her ‘Not Yet A Woman’ celebration concert, and thousands of fans attended. The costs of the total concert is estimated to be $3,000,000NT and she changed into 5 different outfits while singing. When the concert began, Rainie appeared wearing a 3-metre long traditional dress, and looked very dazzling.

Male lead of idol drama ‘Miss No Good’ Wilber Pan was invited to guest at the concert, and he appeared, riding Xiao Hua’s favourite bike. When a white wedding dress fell onstage, Rainie said: “Tang Men, I don’t know how to wear it!” The 2 then hid behind the screen to change, and Wilber joked: “I will help you take it off, one by one.” Rainie joked back: “Oh, it hurts!”

When they came back onstage, the 2 then did a sweet duet ‘Marry Me Today”, while holding hands. Afterwards, they prepared to kiss on the lips, to ‘finalise the marriage’ but just when their lips were 2cm apart, Rainie suddenly turned her face, and Wilber ended up kissing her cheek instead.

Rainie was upgraded to be an aunt, and she showed off a video clip of her and her sister’s son at the concert, to share with fans. She also sung ‘Take Me Away’ and 17 other songs, amongst them included an accompaniment by Huang Yi Da.
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Andrea C.

Source: liberty times
Date:Friday 19 December 2008
Translated By: JPOO @ asianfanatics.net

Yesterday night Jerry Yan (言承旭) arrived at Seoul(South of Korea) to attend an activity. There were about 150+ fans waiting for Jerry at the Incheon airport to have an early birthday celebration for his birthday which is on the 1st Janurary.

At that time, Jerry was quite surprised, all the Korean Kimchhi girls were crazily hugging him. (Kimchhi is like pickled cabbage and is one of the most popular foods in Korea, so basically it's just a little nickname for the korean girls.)

Celebration in the airport, surprised with hugs

The news of Jerry visiting Seoul for an activity was announced on his manager company's website last week, after it was annouced his South Korea fans immediatly told the members of "承旭花園影友會" Jerryfriends.com to prepare to meet him at the airport,
they also made big posters and prepared cakes to have an early celebration with Jerry.
As Meteor Garden (流星花園) is being broadcasted in South Korea Jerry Yan has captured a lot of "Korean Kimchhi girls'" hearts, past these few years he's visited South korea quite a lot of times, and alot of uproar will arouse in the airports, but Jerry has never been so intimate/friendly to his fans before but yesterday was different, His Korean fans said he was the nicest yesterday, he especially stoped to receive the flowers from his fans, listened to the happy birthday song and had intimate interactions with them too.

Fans sang a happy birthday song to Jerry
Last night at 8.40pm when Jerry Yan was entering Incheon airport, all his fans loudly sang happy birthday in english to him, and at the same time surounding him and giving him flowers and presents, Jerry who was wearing sunglasses showed a friendly smile, and used simple Korean to say to his fans "Hello! thank you."
He stayed for 5 minutes then left, making the "Korean Kimchhi girls" joyful for the rest of the day.

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Andrea C.

XiaMen Hotline
Translated By: Sarah @

Yesterday, Da S arrived at an arts centre in Beijing. Recently, she has been signed to be the ambassador of COTTON USA, and hence, she specially wrote a poem in support of nature and environmental protection. At the event, the media told Da S about the news of Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh getting married, and when she heard this, she was extremely surprised, but offered her congratulations. At the same time, when she answered a question about her relationship with ex-boyfriend ZaiZai, she said, “Can’t say dead,’ showing that there may still be the possibility of a reconciliation.

The theme of the event was associated to ‘Natural Story’. From the universe – natural world is the beginning. Then comes Earth, soil, sky, rain, wind, sun, water, trees and the beautiful land which we live on. Being the endorser of the cotton brand, Da S wore a pure cotton angel dress, and looked naturally beautiful.

Da S says that in her own life, she loves cotton products: “Natural, comfortable and healthy is a life I pursue.” And as the ambassador for COTTON USA, Da S is rather professional. She, who loves shoes, not only personally designed a pair of pure ‘cotton’ shoes as a souvenir, she also personally wrote a poem to support nature, and environmental protection:

Some people say, Earth is blue, like the colour we see from the depths of the universe
Some people say, Earth is transparent, as if we can see each other in the air
I say, Earth should be colourful
Blue, like the magnificant blue sky
Green, like the grass infront of our house
Deep, like the ocean with no end in sight
Yellow, like the fertile ground
White, like the pure cotton field in our dreams
Earth was indeed colourful when we were a child
But don’t know from when, Earth became bleak
One hundred years later, what kind of Earth will our children see?
Can they still possess the dawn of hope?
Can they still embrace the ocean, praising the magnificant coastline?
Can they still play in the woods, like how we did when we were children?
Can they still guard the precious cotton fields, living a comfortable and natural life?
For the future of our Earth,
And for our future,
From today,
Let us go back to nature, cherish nature
Because only with nature,
Do we have a future

Along with this poem, Da S also took a number of pure and fresh photos. In the photos, so to portray the universe, Earth and sky etc, she went to many places to find the scenary. At the event, Da S shared her extraordinary photoshoot experience with everyone: “Many of the photos look really beautiful, but filming was actually quite dangerous! Like there is one photo of me sleeping on a rock, we shot this photo on Monkey Island. At the time, there were many monkeys playing on my head, and this scared the workers and they rushed to shoo them away. And as for me, I just lay there, too scared to open my eyes, persevering to finish the photoshoot.”
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Andrea C.

user posted imageuser posted image

Source: Dayoo
Date: Thursday December 18, 2008
Translated by Initial E @

Ken Chu, who is due to release his new song and compilation album in January next year, was recently photographed in Taiwan’s Yang Ming Hill shooting his new song, ‘Wrong Way’s music video. At his side was a little dog, and occasionally he would pick up the dog like a plastic bag and swing it from side to side. After inquiring, it is revealed that this dog is actually the pet of Kelly Lin, called ‘Kai Le’. Even though there are reports recently that Kelly Lin secretly met Daniel Wu, which hinted at the change of relationship between her and Ken, however, though now Ken doesn’t have his girlfriend present at work, he has her dog as company. Who says the ‘Tian Lei’ relationship has problems?

For Ken, the ‘Unlucky God’ of F4, recently his career is facing its ups and downs. In October, while F4 were having their concert in Tokyo, Ken fell down the stage while rehearsing, hurting his right shoulder. Also, his record company Sony BMG originally intended him to slim down, then to release his album. Instead Ken claimed that he had an endocrine disorder and couldn’t slim down at all. The record company could only doctor his ‘fat photos’. It’s hard for him to have work, yet he has to take care of his girlfriend Kelly Lin’s dog. However it’s apparent that he has no patience with his girlfriend’s dog, often picking it up like a plastic bag and swinging it from side to side.

Face round and body swollen; carrying his stomach throughout work

On Wednesday afternoon, Ken Zhu was filming a music video for his new song ‘Wrong Way’ in Taiwan’s Yang Ming Hill. Though before he kept saying that he would slim down, that day his body still looked overstuffed. His face was still round, and his stomach was noticeably big. He followed the director’s instructions and sat on a bus, and they filmed him relaxing on a bus. The director helpfully loudly broadcasted his new song for him to mouth to. This vehicle, which is mainly to carry Ken, had to run up and down the hill for at least five times.

When lunchtime came, Ken and the workers went down the hill to a shop that sells beef noodles for lunch. After eating, he carried a black and white Boston Terrier and walked out of the shop. He strolled around while pulling the dog, waiting for the other workers. When everyone had finished eating, they all went back up to continue filming.

The dog wore a dog vest with two pockets at the side, and they were both stuffed with drinks, snacks and water. It was not expected that the vest the dog was wearing would turn into Ken’s carrier. Originally he was just pulling along the dog, with his face devoid of emotion. But during the breaks, the dog became like some kind of purchase, and he carried it and swung it side to side. The dog could only helplessly be carried. Ken did not care about how the dog was struggling, obstinately carrying the dog on his shoulders, scaring the dog till its four limbs were struggling frantically.

Later on the cast went to the hill’s Dream Lake parking lot and filmed for twenty minutes. They filmed till about 5 in the evening, which Ken boarded a van which went down the hill, and at last reached the carpark in the place where Kelly Lin lived.

While his girlfriend isn’t there, Ken became the nanny for the dog

It is understood that for the MV that Ken was filming, his company had originally intended to find a model as the female lead for it, helping Ken to generate some news. However now the economy is not well, added to the fact that the company did not give it much budget, hence two days before the shooting they abandoned the idea of having a female lead.

It was obvious that on that day of filming, Ken’s mood was bad, and he had no patience while taking care of the dog. According to previous media reports, Ken is a person who ‘loves cats’. He adopted three stray cats, which he found beside the road or outside his company. He once expressed to the media: “My advice is not to spend money to buy pets, because there are just too many stray animals outside.” He also boasted that the stray cats he fostered had grown to be very beautiful, saying that animals are kinder than humans, and that they were easy to get along and brought him lots of fun. Though he said he is an artiste that ‘loves animals’, he was extremely rough with the dog on the day of filming.

After investigation, the Boston Terrier that he was carrying on the day of filming is actually the pet of his rumoured girlfriend Kelly Lin, and it’s name is ‘Kai Le’. You can say it’s the ‘love child’ between the two of them. A year ago, after Kelly bought this little dog, but because she spends a lot of time overseas for work, she entrusted the care of it to Ken, who has no fixed work. Hence whenever Kelly is not present, Ken would take care of the dog. And under the instructions of his girlfriend, he could only obey her and be the ‘nanny’ of her dog for free.

On the day of filming the MV, Ken was afraid that the working hours would be long, hence he brought ‘Kai Le’ together with him so he could take care of him. When the director saw ‘Kai Le’, he thought she was very cute, and asked if she could conveniently be an extra. Even though his record company wanted to save money and didn’t have a female model for the shoot, the dog Ken brought along was shot into the video for free, hence the record company earned from it.

His record company expressed: “We are not clear whether the dog is reared between the two of them. However it is true that the dog ‘Kai Le’ that Ken was carrying did appear in the video!”
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Andrea C.
Brief translation by wowo818 of kenforever

Carrying a dog like a handbag, Zhu Xiao Tian is Lin Xi Lei's dog nurse

Aside from carrying the dog like a handbag, he suddenly raises dog to his shoulder and frightens the dog out of his wits.

1. Ken will release his new album in early of Jan, 09
2. He shot MV for his new song "錯了路" (Wrong Road) Dec 10, 08
3. Due to lack of budget, female lead for the MV was cancelled
4. Ken brought a puppy with him. It played a role in the MV finally
5. That puppy belongs to Ms Kelly Lin

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Andrea C.

Source: chinatimes
Translated By: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

China CCTV’s Spring Festival show attracts hundreds of millions of people to watch every year, and is definitely an important event where Hong Kong, China and Taiwanese artists will fight to get on it. China’s online entertainment website held a poll ‘Which artist do you wish to see on the 09 Spring Festival show?’ and Jerry Yan and ‘Fated To Love You’ star Chen Qiao En came out on top. A-Mei Zhang came in 3rd place, with 100,000 votes behind, however popular idol singer Jay Chou was not favoured this year, and his ranking fell below the top 10.

In China, there are not many traditional activities to do on New Years Eve, besides eating New Years dinner at home or at restaurant, watching the Spring Festival show is definitely a must. As the ratings is always extremely high, which artists will be cut out, how much certain artists are paid to make an appearnce, etc, are all hot topics among everyday people. Last year, Jay Chou sung his‘Blue And White Porcelain’, Fei Yu Qing sung ‘A Thousand Miles Apart’ and S.H.E sung their ‘Chinese Language’, the artists all seemed to go for a Chinese style.

Jay Chou & Song Zu Ying to duet

2009 Spring Festival’s most popular artist is lately a hot topic among online netizens, and Jerry Yan came out top in the poll with 180,000 votes ahead. After his dramas ‘Meteor Garden’ and ‘The Hospital’ aired in China, he became red-hot popular. Chen Qiao En, A-Mei took 2nd and 3rd place respectively, and after them, came Jolin Tsai, Hong Kong star Angie Chiu, S.H.E, Show Luo, Joe Cheng, Nicholas Tse, Leehom Wang etc. There are also rumours suggesting that CCTV will bring Jay Chou and Song Zu Ying together to sing ‘Spicy Girls’. JVR yesterday expressed that everything is up to CCTV to announce.

Children help 'Uncle Yan' to celebrate birthday

Jerry Yan’s birthday is on New Year’s day, and on the 20th, he will fly to Hong Kong to hold a fan meet and celebrate an early Christmas with fans. According to sources, this year, Hong Kong fans will continue the usual tradition and on the day of his birthday, they will publish a full-page ad in the newspaper to help him celebrate. Fans will also donate to the Spring Bud Primary School under his name, and children will also write birthday cards to give to him, and they will call him ‘Uncle Yan’.
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