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06 January 2009 @ 08:55 pm
Ken's talks about on his love life  

"I have always been alone since young. To me, family is empty. So when 2 people get together they have to share everything, it's important to have own home." Although when asked about their love relationship, Ken and Lin Xi Lei remain tight-lipped, but their relationship have been an open secret in the entertainment scene.

Sparks flew for Ken Chu and Lin Xi Lei when they co-star in movie "Tokyo International Trial" in 2005. Their 3 year romance slowly begins open up, last October at F4 Japan concert, he hurt his shoulder during rehearsal and she was backstage encouraging and worried for him. Later, it was rumoured that he introduced her as his "fiancee" to his friends, displaying their stable relationship. He said: "I have always been happy, I'm very shuang (feel good)".

Since he feels good, why doesn't he admit to the relationship? He answered: "It's not that I dare not or unwilling, it is because not wanting to disappoint some people's feeling (refering to consumers), it is no longer fun when everything is bare and open. He describes himself as a product, he has a responsibility to provide topics for the public, but needs to think for the lady, because female "value" differs from male. So it seems that it is not to affect Lin Xi Lei's market value in the movie industry... But if the female wishes to make public their relationship? He said he is ok with it.

So he and his girlfriend can only stay home for dates and will not appear together in Taipei streets. He said: "Last year, there were rumours of us getting married, this year of us getting engaged, then what rumours next year? The reports are more interesting, if i was to say the truth everyone will not be interested." Practising Taiji for 2 years, it seems that he also learnt to da taiji (meaning trying to beat around and avoid answering) when reporter presses further about his love life. He laughed proudly: "I have always know how to"

Recap his previous rumoured love relationships, he indeed did not answer nor wish to discuss. "I do not explain rumours, I feel gentlemen should have this attitude. Because if i were to speak the truth, many girls would commit suicide... My love relationship is very stable. "

In 2004, when there were rumours of him dating Mayi, photos of him kissing China actress Li Bing Bing were published. About the incident, he hinted it was a set-up, "Just let them say what they want, whatever I say will be wrong..." I also admitted he was partly at fault for not controlling himself. Since F4 became popular, many people threw themselves at them, regardless of fans, female crew, female celebrities, and even people "offering" pretty ladies to his hotel room but he rejected. "Gifts fall from the sky, I dare not"

His parents seperated when he was young, he learnt to depend on himself when he was 12 years old, begin to work at 15 and financially dependent at 17. His record was hold 3 jobs each day, and earned NT$30,000 per month. Now he has savings, found a partner but still does not have the thought of getting married or starting a family, "marriage is unnecessary, can have a child even without a certificate. However, i will think about it carefully and will give it a chance."

A capricorn, he claims he is romantic. When request for instances, he thought for some time and replied "I do not talk about rumours" Seeing that the reporter does not agree, he added "My way of romantic is more conceptual" Recently, he brought Lin Xi Lei's dog Kai Le to his MV shoot, he said "to train it to be a celebrity". Perhaps raising a dog together with his girlfriend is his way of being romantic.

Source: 6 Jan 2009 Apple Daily Taiwan
Credit: michi of onlyf4

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